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FlyLock Security Solutions – A Secure Franchise Opportunity

Flylock is the security systems specialist franchise. We are dedicated to customer service, a commitment to quality workmanship, and a passion for identifying the newest industry technology. We install locks, security cameras, access control systems, security systems, door hardware, and even new doors and door frames. IF IT’S ON THE DOOR, WE HANDLE IT!

FlyLock Security Franchise-History

Our story begins in 1946 with the founder, William McMenimon, working out of his Jeep with one key machine.  William was in training to become a pilot and worked as a locksmith during that time, hence the company’s original name, The Flying Locksmith, William opened a small key shop in Boston and later moved to the nearby suburbs. When William retired, he passed the business down to his four sons, 3 of whom moved on to other careers. At the same time, Barry L. McMenimon expanded the company into the highly recognizable business it is today.  Barry’s sons, Brett and Barry P – the third generation – have expanded the company by franchising its business model and infusing the well-established family business with the convenience of modern technology. The first franchise was sold in 2016 in Raleigh, NC.

The combination of generations has created a blend of old-school ideals and new-age tech, resulting in a mix that offers the newest security products with a friendly, neighborly smile. The company’s mission is simple: provide top-of-the-line security, utilizing all means of communication while staying true to family values.

As our franchisees learn to become Security Solution providers, our company is also learning how to support them best and be a good franchisor. 

Trusted Nationwide

FlyLock is a leading access control installation and commercial locksmith franchise boasting a local presence across 35 states in the US. Established in 1946, we have continued to evolve with the ever-changing locksmith industry, adapting to technological advancements. We provide more than just traditional commercial locksmith services; our focus on exceptional customer service and incorporating the latest high-tech access control products has made us the gold standard in national service delivery for door access control systems and 24-hour commercial locksmith support.

Our Goal

The overall goal for the franchised brand “FlyLock Security Solutions” is to become synonymous with integrated security solutions offerings – to be the one-stop destination – whether the customer is a multi-family association, a local commercial property manager, or a national project manager. From access control to closed captioned TV, Video Intercoms, or Door Replacements, FlyLock Security Solutions is your partner, providing all your needs when starting your own security company.

Why Invest in a FlyLock Security Franchise?

In the dynamic world of security solutions, FlyLock Security stands out as a golden investment opportunity. Here’s an exploration of why owning a  Security company is a strategic move, touching upon various facets that make it a standout choice in the franchised security industry.

The company’s robust growth and market presence result from the factors below.

1. Strong Position Access Control Market: A Lucrative Opportunity

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in FlyLock Security is its strong positioning in the access control market, valued at over $37 billion annually. This sector is experiencing rapid growth due to increasing security concerns and technological advancements. FlyLock’s expertise and offerings in this area position it to support new companies willing to start an access control business, promising significant growth for franchisees.

2. Decades of Expertise and Education in Security

The company boasts a rich history of security experience, complemented by a solid foundation in business education. This combination ensures that franchisees are not just investing in a business but in a legacy of knowledge and expertise. This depth of experience is crucial in an industry where trust and reliability are paramount.

3. Nationwide Reach with Trusted Solutions

FlyLock is renowned for providing qualified, trustworthy security solutions across the United States. Franchisees benefit from being part of a widely recognized brand that has built a reputation for excellence nationwide. This national footprint is supported by a network of seasoned security system professionals, offering a collaborative and supportive environment.

4. High-Profile Clientele

The company prides itself on maintaining accounts with some of the most well-known companies in the U.S. This not only speaks to the quality of service offered but also provides franchisees with a built-in prestigious client base, often a challenging feat for new businesses.

5. Cutting-Edge Technology

In an industry where technological advancements can redefine market standards, FlyLock Security Solutions stays ahead of the curve. The company’s commitment to utilizing the latest technologies ensures that franchisees offer services that meet and exceed modern security expectations.

Additionally, FlyLock’s unique approach of blending old-school ideals with new-age technology offers the best of both worlds – reliability grounded in tradition and technological innovation. This blend is particularly appealing in the security industry, where trust and innovation are key.

 6. Exclusive Focus on Commercial Clients

FlyLock’s business model focuses exclusively on commercial clients, a niche that promises higher transaction values and long-term contracts. This focus is a strategic advantage, allowing franchisees to specialize and build expertise in a lucrative market segment.

7. A Testament of Time: Over 70 Years in Business

The company’s longevity – over 70 years in the security business – is a testament to its resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to quality. This history provides a strong foundation of trust for new franchisees entering the business.

FlyLock Security Solutions is not just a business; it’s a family legacy with three generations involved in every aspect of operations. This depth of involvement ensures that the company is run with a blend of traditional values and modern practices – a unique selling point in today’s impersonal business landscape.

8. The Most Respected in New England

The company’s reputation as New England’s most respected locksmith services provider is a badge of honor that franchisees can wear proudly. This acclaim indicates the high standards maintained by the company, assuring potential franchisees of a brand that is both trusted and preferred.

9. Impressive Financials

With annual revenues surpassing $1,700,000, FlyLock Security Solutions demonstrates robust financial health – a critical investment consideration. This economic success indicates a well-managed business with an established business model, offering a reassuring prospect for new franchise investors looking to open a security business

10. Friendly, Neighborly Service

Despite its extensive reach and technological prowess, the company has not lost its touch in providing friendly, neighborly service. This human approach to business is a refreshing change in an industry often dominated by impersonal interactions, and it’s a quality that resonates well with customers and franchisees alike.

Investing in a FlyLock Security Solutions franchise offers a unique opportunity to be part of a company that has mastered the art of combining decades of experience with innovative practices in a high-growth industry. The company’s focus on technology, quality service, and a nationwide network of professionals makes it an attractive investment. With FlyLock, franchisees are not just investing in a business but becoming part of a legacy that promises growth, innovation, and a secure future.

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